Friday, August 25, 2006

Uncle Mushu's New Book!

Uncle Mushu (Pakistan's President General Pervez Musharraf) has an autobiography (In The Line of Fire:  A Memoir) coming out soon, reports the BBC.
The byline (By Zaffar Abbas BBC News, Islamabad) explains some of the gem quotes:
If projections being made by some sections of the publishing world are to be believed, the book has all the ingredients of a big hit, and possibly even a best-seller.
Uncle Mushu will be bigger than DaVinci Code!  I'm sure they'll cast Sanjay Dutt as Mushu, but who'll play A.Q. Khan?
Since [supporting the U.S.-led invastion of Afghanistan], he has been perceived by many in West as one of the most liberal and enlightened faces of the Muslim world.
...who ever controlled the Pakistani press with an iron fist?
Soldier he definitely is, but is Gen Musharraf also a writer?
Definitely, yaar.  Definitely a solider.

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