Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lithuanian Visitor to Litvak Chronicles

Today at around 5:00 am the blog got what I believe is my first Lithuanian visitor!  Or, at least, my first visitor with a URL in Lithuania:
Domain Name   takas.lt ? (Lithuania)
IP Address   82.135.243.# (Joint Stock Company Lietuvos Telekomas)
ISP   Lietuvos Telekomas
Continent  :  Europe
Country  :  Lithuania   (Facts)
State/Region  :  Vilniaus Apskritis
City  :  Vilnius
Lat/Long  :  54.6833, 25.3167 (Map)
Distance  :  4,319 miles
Language   Lithuanian
I guess he was searching for Litvaks and this blog is the 7th listing for "Litvak" on Google Lithuania .
I'm famous!

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