Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Kiss Me Once and Kiss Me Twice and Kiss Me Once Again...

...it's been a long, long time.
I keep thinking I have to have something gr-r-r-eat to re-start my blogging.  In fact, at home I have a huge description of my trip to the Yucatan (I got back a month ago), but I've been so busy at my new job for the Law Firm, and I have only occasional The Internet there, so...
Well, now Playa del Carmen's been beat up by the umpteenth hurricane this year.  If I would have felt bad leaving for Mexico right after New Orleans got hit, I now feel just silly blogging about natural disasters.
This isn't a Blog of Import.  It's just where I write down stuff I'm too busy to tell everyone I know and too self-absorbed to keep to myself.
Think I'm going to knuckle under and join NYT select.
NYT, you know I tease you a lot, but we have something, this connection.
Anyway, more blogging on the way!  Stay tuned!

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