Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Well, it's ten in the p.m.  This is a blog, so I'm encouraged to use old-tyme language as well as indiosyncratic phrases.
I'm excited because I'll be out of work by 10:30 this evening, and I may actually get to do something! 
Maybe I'll have a beer!
Perhaps I'll call a friend who's still awake and catch up.
Then again, I may ride the subways home dressed as a whaling captain, fighting the forces of SHPOS-itude with my trusty harpoon.
Good times.

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Jack Roy said...

Ugh. Boringest. Blog post. EVER!

I'm the Litvak. I might do something. Or maybe not. Why don't you read about my dilemma? Boooring! This is what I was waiting for?