Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Transit Strike!

That's right, you heard it here first.
I've actually had a pretty nice time of it.
Last night Tenderfoot came by to surprise me for my birthday (which is today).
This morning, she gave me an excellent birthday present.
Can you tell I like the color orange?
Then we bundled up to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, like our fearless billionaire mayor-- who lives in Manhattan but came to my borough to take a constitutional and to show he has the common touch before settling down to work in front of, I presume, a roaring fire fueled with $50 bills.
So TF and I actually caught two empty seats in a cab on Court street, right after we'd picked up cups of the best coffee in the city from D'Amico's.
Our driver was an adorable 70-year-old guy (I think he was a member of the Tribe) hailing from parts ex-Soviet.
He sang "Happy Birthday" to me and told us stories about his kids.
One of our cab-mates chatted with us about pastry shops (our new daydream), and we then had a nice breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien next to some charming Israeli tourists.
You wanted to put the squeeze on me, Local 100?
Get bent.
You think retiring after 55 is too cruel?
You think there are too many disciplinary proceedings?
Remind me to tell you the story of the token booth operator who was disciplined for passing off a weekly pass as a month pass in exchange for my Transitcheck.  Even with incontrovertible documentary evidence (the metrocard, the stub of the Transitcheck, the guy's license number), it took the MTA months just to give me a refund for what he'd stolen-- and (not that I care what happened to the guy) the union gave him enough protection that he wasn't fired. 
I don't know of other unions powerful enough to keep thieving employees on the job, but I'm with Mike.  Make 'em sweat. 
I'll walk to work.

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