Monday, February 27, 2006

The Manticore Eyes You Tenderly...

So, the New York Times reports that Dungeons & Dragons ("D&D") is going online.
Some poor reporter had to go interview some grown men who play pen-and-paper D&D...
The night's dungeon master, Rich, tax director for a New York City company, would not divulge his last name out of what he described as professional discretion. "I play because I have a very creative mind and a very noncreative job," he said (though some tax experts might disagree). "So the game helps me balance it out. There is no creativity at the computer, because you're limited by what the programmers thought you might do. Here in person, I can react dynamically to the players and craft an adventure specifically for them."
i.e., players can have sex with mythological creatures.
Sam Weiss, 41, from the Bronx, leaned over a few dice and the erasable grid on the table that players use to lay out combat scenarios with miniature figures. "Computer games are inherently limited because they only give you a set number of options," he said. "In a game like this, what we can do is limited only by our minds."
Oh, the poor nymphs!  The unfortunate, uh, dryads!  I'm just glad they didn't include any pictures.
Oh, wait. -->
Alack, mermaids.  Very sorry, valkyries.

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