Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What's Dark and Purple and Full of Torture?

Abu Grape.
Honestly.  The New York Times, reporting on the recently-released pictures of torture from Abu Ghraib, fits a megillah's worth of stupid into a little paragraph:
The prisoner-abuse scandal has been acutely embarrassing for the United States military, whose members are taught to treat prisoners with respect. The incidents at Abu Ghraib were considered especially damaging to the United States' image among Iraqi civilians and in the wider Arab world, where nudity is disdained.
"[W]hose members are taught to treat prisoners with respect." 
Okay, they have clearly failed that course.
And sex-themed torture hurts our reputation because ... nudity is disdained in the Arab world?
Do I need a punchline here?  Yecch.

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