Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Friedman, Quit Gankin' My Philosophizing

Back in July, after the London bombings, I wrote about an "Object Lesson for Irresponsible Ideologues":
Defenders of suicide bombings against Israelis (those who don't support the London bombings) now have to answer the charge that the London bombers have simply taken their perverse reasoning to its logical conclusion, and used the Palestinian terrorists' methods to another group of civilians they believe are "oppressors."
Ditto the Jordan bombings. 
Today Thos. Friedman wants to join my novel "suicide bombing is bad" bandwagon.
He has a piece (sorry, it's Select) to the effect of "'Why Us?' Sunni Arabs Should Ask, 'Why Anyone?'"
In fact, that's the title of the piece.
Friedman notes that "it was . . . dispiriting to listen to other Jordanian and Arab voices saying that they believe Israelis were behind the attacks in Amman, or telling the bombers: if you want to bomb someone, bomb the 'occupiers' - code for Americans and Israelis. Why us?"
He also writes that "no one protested recently when Muslim suicide bombers butchered Shiites in Iraq or Ahmedis in Pakistan or Christian tourists in Indonesia or Jews in Israel or Hindus in New Delhi."
Yeah, yeah.  "The chickens have come home to roost," "sow the wind, reap the whirlwind," whatever. 
Then Thos. makes some unnecessarily flip remarks about a national museum in a country whose national heroes are suicide bombers ("Here's Ahmed - he blew up 52 Muslims at a wedding"), yadda yadda. 
The blog posts I write while I eat lunch at my desk are better than that narishkeit, boychik.
Friedman, quit gankin' my philosophizing.  Honestly.  I totally disapproved of suicide bombing before you did, Johnny-come-lately.
Don't you have marvelling to do at how well Indians get along with computers, or something?

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