Monday, June 20, 2005

BJJ Move #18: Armlock from Guard

Here is one of the most basic and fundamental submissions-- the armlock.

WARNING! These techniques could result in serious injury or death if practiced incorrectly or even if performed correctly. They should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Armlock from Guard (juji gatame):

To lock his right arm, establish the “no-gi arm control”: hold his right wrist to your chest with your left hand, and wrap your right hand across the top of his right biceps around the outside of his right tricep, holding his elbow tight to your body (your right arm must come underneath his left arm, not over it, for you to hold his right arm down effectively). If his arm is off your body, raise your hips a little to bring them against his arm, secure the grip, then drop back down.

Put your left foot on his right hip (knee in tight to his body so he has little room to maneuver, not out at an angle) or on the mat (if you are too close to him to put it on his hip) and push your hips out to your left, swinging your head counterclockwise “so you can look into his left ear.” When you are pivoting, your butt and shoulders should come off the mat, like you’re doing an abdominal crunch, so you’re spinning on just your lower back. At the same time as you pivot, push down strongly on his back with your right leg, keeping him from sitting up. Try to bring your right foot close to your left knee. Your hips will come up off the ground and your crotch will come close to his right shoulder.

Swing your left leg over his head. If his head is too close to do this, release your left hand and push his face down with your left hand, then bring your left leg over his head.

Armlock by folding your legs over his head (don’t cross your feet), squeezing your knees together (this is critical—squeeze to immobilize his arm), pulling on his wrist, and thrusting your hips upwards against his upper arm.

Tip: When going for the armlock from the guard, put your butt in the air and keep your legs in a strong position, rather than stretching your legs way back to hook around his head in a weak position where you'll be collapsed easily.

Tip: Don’t straighten your legs to push him over—keep your knees clamped over his head to keep his shoulder close to your groin. Straighten at the hips and keep your knees bent.

Tip: When trying an armlock with no gi on your opponent, finish by wrapping your arms around his elbow like a rear naked choke.

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