Wednesday, June 01, 2005

NYT's Schoolgirl Crush on Blogs

Today's NYT editorial on W. Mark Felt revealing that he is Deep Throat reveals more than it says.

Just the latest evidence of the NYT's schoolgirl crush on blogs and bloggers.
And, while they don't mean me, the feeling is mutual, I'm sure.
You a cutie, NYT.

First, the Times publishes goofy article upon goofy article about blogs (I won't bother linking to them).
Then, after everyday giggly banter (references to dreamy Clark Kent, jokes about how much fun it was to guess Deep Throat's identity), it teases blogs for being so silly:

[G]iven the current temper of the times, it's likely that by tomorrow at least a few bloggers will have set about trying to prove that it wasn't really him after all.

Now, blogs are the 8-year-old class clown to the NYT's serious 8-year-old schoolgirl who really, really wants to be liked.

The Times knows the class clown is smarter than he acts, maybe he could start tucking his shirt in, and won't he please stop pointing out every time she's wrong? Boys are so stupid!

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