Friday, June 03, 2005

Memailed #2: Dear Human Scientists

Human Scient15ts:

Please. I am an ad0le5cent male fruit fly six days of age. I do well in sch00l but I am just an ordinary guy. Listen.
I know from this piece in the NYT that you have altered the genes of some fruit flies to make them into lesbians.

My parents were really annoyed. Before they died last week on their 6-day anniversary they were all "Humans are playing God," and "Whatever happened to the sanctity of heterosexual mating?" and "What? It's not enough they make legs grow where antennae belong?"

But I was just quiet and ate my sap, thinking.

My girlfriend is a day younger than me and very shy. I don't think she'd ever gently touch the leg of another female and sing to her with her wings, let alone kiss one.

Still, I have fantasized about it happening ever since I read your article over the shoulder of The Litvak a few hours ago. As you can see, my GF is very hot (pic bel0w).

Could you make a fly who'd kiss my GF? I think she'd like it if she gave it a try.

P.S.: I like red eyes.

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