Thursday, June 23, 2005

Super Recap #1

Well, loyal blogsurfers, it's been a few days since I put anything worthwhile up here.
With all the BJJ posts, it's beginning to look like I'm the shtarker instead of this guy.

So, I'll just mention a bunch of cool things quickly:

National Geographic's got a cool piece about an early venomous mammal. Seems that poison strategy was working for the early mammals before we got all quick and strong. Rrowr! Placental mammals RULE!
Did you know that several kinds of shrews, as well as male platypuses, are venomous? 'strue.

In other animal news, the fools at Reuters believe a Kenyan farmer's story that he killed a leopard with him bare hands by ripping its tongue out.
Now, I believe some guys killed a leopard. But a live leopard isn't going to unclamp its jaws from some guy's hand so he can pull it out along with the thing's tongue. No way. They killed or wounded it, then tore its tongue out and made up a very silly story.
A carnivore's principal tool is its mouth full of pointy teeth. I don't think animals who eat other large animals for a living are confused by pretty much any reaction of their prey once they've put the bite on 'em. Not even a farmer's ninja tongue-lock.
Bad Idea
"Go ahead, reach in and pull my tongue out, man creature."

Then again, I actually wrestled an elephant into submission once by twisting its tail, though, so maybe I'm wrong.

In other not real news, The Onion has "jumped the shark" with it's Future Issue, set in the year 2056. See, e.g., "Democratic Middle Eastern Union Votes to Invade U.S.".
You see, it's funny because, in the future, everything is reversed. Get it?
Arab nations with democracy, international cooperation, human rights, economic power... in short, a laugh riot.
Why aren't you laughing? C'mon, you can do better than that.
Wait, other articles have make contemporary issues seem silly in light of their Super Sci-Fi equivalents of 2056. Halliburton Battle Droids. Genetically modified... sigh.
Ergo, humor. Meh.

Do I waste three posts for this narishkeit? Hell, no.
Get your hot non-news right here. Bam.

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