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BJJ Move #44: Kneebar (hiza gatame) - 5 setups

These moves hyperextend the knee joint.

This move can also be used from a variety of positions.

Be careful when applying leg submissions-- the hyperextension happens suddenly and can really hurt someone's joints badly. Tap early, submit slowly.

WARNING! These techniques could result in serious injury or death if practiced incorrectly or even if performed correctly. They should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Kneebar (hiza gatame) - 5 setups:

1) Kneebar, Inside Spin:
Opportunities: When you break your opponent’s guard, push down on his right knee to make his left leg light. Or, if instead of letting you sit back in the guard to get the anklelock or heel hook, your opponent pulls you back toward him. Go in the direction you are being pulled into a spinning kneebar:
Make sure that you are on your toes, and have your right foot right up near your opponent’s butt.
Grab his left leg from underneath with your right arm (underhook) with your upper arm pressing on his calf and your right hand grabbing the front of his knee, straightening out his left leg.
Use your left hand to push his right knee out.
Spin clockwise on your right foot, bringing your left leg over and across his left leg and hook his left leg as you spin around into the kneebar.
Or, instead of “spinning,” drive your left knee across his left thigh at the hip (your left leg is sharply bent). With this approach, your left instep will be hooked over the front of his left hip and your right leg will be hooked around the inside of his left leg and your right instep will hook under the back of his right knee.
Be sure to be “deep” enough, so your hips are beneath his knee, not on it. In fact, the higher his knee, the better (you want your hips right above his left hip joint). You can fall to either side to finish, but you need to lay on a side, not your back, if you are going to arch your back and finish. Squeeze your knees together tight to keep him from wiggling out, and wrap your arms around his foot, clasping it to your chest. Arch your back and press your hips into his thigh beneath the knee joint.

2) Kneebar, Outside Spin:
While standing in your opponent’s open guard, control his right leg.
Place your left foot between his legs and step back and clockwise with your right, turning your back to him and bringing your right foot over his right leg and next to his right hip.
At the same time, sit on his hip so your pelvis is right up against his right hip where his thigh attaches. Wrap your legs around the back of his right leg, fold your arms across your chest while imprisoning his right leg at the achilles’ tendon, and fall to your right side.
Now arch your back, press your hips forward (against his thigh above his knee), pull your arms to your chest and drive your legs backward for a kneebar.

3) Near Leg Kneebar from Cross Side:
You have cross side on your opponent’s right side, and he has placed his right foot on his left knee to keep his right knee in close (called the “footie” defense, used to keep you from mounting him and to assist his escape to guard).
Use your left arm to grab his right knee in tight to your body, rise up onto your left foot, keeping it very close to his butt, and plant your left hand on the ground on your opponent’s left side.
Slide your left knee between his legs from the top.
Now fall back perpendicular to your opponent while pressing your right foot against his left inner thigh, pinching your knees tightly together, and clasping your hands together to trap his right heel by your right shoulder. Kneebar.

4) Far Near Leg Kneebar from Cross Side:
You have cross side on your opponent’s right side.
Use your right hand to scoop his left leg just above the knee.
At the same time, plant your right foot between his legs, then swing your left foot over his body to rest on the outside of his left leg.
Grab his left ankle with both hands, sit back, straightening out his leg. Make sure to clamp your legs together tight, and arch your hips into the knee joint holding the ankle tight against your chest.

5) Kneebar on Opponent Standing in Closed Guard: (somewhat more advanced move)
With your opponent standing in your closed guard, put your right arm inside, then outside his left ankle (“underhook”).
Release your feet, drop your hips a little and, keeping your hips up in the air, turn on your shoulders counterclockwise so your stomach faces your opponent’s left kneecap, folding your right knee inside his legs against his crotch and swinging your left leg around the outside of his left leg / butt.
Trap him tight with your legs, keep your head on the outside of his left foot (his foot goes beside your right ear, up past your shoulder) and your hip against his thigh above the knee.
Thrust your hips upward to topple him over to his back and pull for the kneebar. Keep your knees clamped tightly together. This combines well with an armlock against an opponent standing in your closed guard (will be described in later post).

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