Tuesday, August 23, 2005

BJJ Move #58: Reverse Armlock from Guard

Here's a nice guard submission. With a "reverse" armlock, your hands hyperextend your opponent's elbow by pulling toward you while you brace his wrist against your collarbone and immobilize his shoulder from either side with your legs-- as opposed to a regular armlock, where your hips hyperextend his elbow by pushing away from you, your hands hold his wrist to your chest, and your legs immobilize his shoulder by wrapping around his head and torso and pulling them back.
This tends to be a little quicker and have a little less control than a regular armlock.

WARNING! These techniques could result in serious injury or death if practiced incorrectly or even if performed correctly. They should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Reverse Armlock (from guard) (a/k/a pressing armlock, ude gatame):

This is a very fast submission. You have your opponent in your guard, and he grabs your head with his left arm to keep your bodies close together. He may also clasp his left hand with his right hand.
Grab your own left shoulder with your right hand, trapping his left arm against your body.
Put your right foot against his left hip, and hip out to the right (your butt moves out to the right, and you turn onto your left hip).
Bring your left knee up against his chest and your right knee over his back near his left shoulder, squeezing your knees together to immobilize his left arm.
Keep your head leaning to your right shoulder to keep his arm trapped against your right trapezius, and slide back until his wrist is against your collarbone.
Keep your back slouched so there’s room to lock.
Grab around his elbow with your left hand to turn it so it faces away from your body, and fold your right forearm over his elbow, pressing the arm into your body for a reverse armlock.
Alternative setup: Your opponent puts an arm down (say, left arm) on the ground above your (right) shoulder—trap it by your neck/head.
Slide your hips out to that side (your right) and wrap your left arm around his right elbow, trapping his right wrist between your neck and left shoulder.
Clamp your knees around his left shoulder and squeeze together.
Fold your right arm over your left, both over his elbow joint and squeeze toward your chest, hyperextending his elbow joint.

Comments? Please feel free to point out mistakes, describe tips on the techniques, suggest ways to make the descriptions clearer, etc.
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