Monday, August 22, 2005

BJJ Move #57: Some Armlock "Thwart" Moves

You've almost got that armlock-- and the guy's defending!
Here's a bunch of techniques for when your initial armlock attempt is "thwarted" by your opponent defending.

WARNING! These techniques could result in serious injury or death if practiced incorrectly or even if performed correctly. They should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Some Armlock "Thwart" Moves:

These moves all start from you attempting an armlock on your opponent's right arm.

Basic Go-To Move:
First, make sure your right forearm is hooked in against his wrist, not the crook of his elbow. That gives you a lot more leverage and is more uncomfortable for him.
Now move his right arm into your right armpit and try to get your right forearm deep in near his hand.
Base out near his head with your left hand.
To attack in a direction where your opponent’s grip is weak, don’t lean straight back here; instead, lean towards his head and then swing back to being perpendicular to his body once your left shoulder is near/on the ground. This should break his grip and let you finish the armlock.

As above, but instead, switch your left arm into his elbow-crook (move fast, your base is gone now) and put your right forearm against his right forearm to lever it towards his head as you sit that way (as above, but here your right arm is helping release his grip) towards his head, then swing back to make your body perpendicular to his and apply the armlock.

“Cow Hand” Wristlock:
When your opponent’s right elbow is bent, put your left hand underneath your right wrist and grab his right hand across the knuckles, t-stack your hands (right hand over top of left wrist) and lever his right hand down toward his forearm for a “cow hand” (downward) wristlock.

“Cow hand” wristlock #2:
Sit up and brace his right elbow against your stomach/chest.
Grab his right hand at the knuckles (for maximum leverage) with both hands, and press his palm towards his wrist for a “cow hand” (downward) wristlock.

Strip his fingers apart with your hands.

Foot Push:
Use your right foot (the one across his chest) to push his left arm away by pushing on the crook of his left elbow. This will start pulling his right shoulder straight out of the socket and he ought to let go. Then finish the armlock.+

Biceps Slicer:
Place your right forearm in the pit of his right elbow and slide your right foot over his right forearm so your right lower leg rests across it.
Pressing down on his right forearm with your right leg closes his elbow joint around your right forearm; the sharp edges of the radius and ulna in your forearm dig into his biceps and forearm near the joint, causing pain. Your forearm in there also acts as a fulcrum higher than his elbow joint, prying his forearm and upper arm away from each other, i.e., separating his elbow. The pain will make him want to stop using his left arm to pull his hand toward him, and he’ll release it, or even try to push it back straight.
Pull his right arm back as you slide your right foot off it, but watch out that he doesn’t slap you in the face as he lets go.
To use this as a submission instead of a release, base out with your left hand and triangle your left knee over your right instep, tightening down onto his right elbow joint to separate it.

Leg Jerk:
Jerk the knee of your left leg up and down on his face so he wants to let go and give you the armlock.+

Triangle Choke:
If your opponent grabs his own (right) arm when you sit back for the armlock, you can easily put him in a triangle choke.
When he grabs his own wrist to prevent the armlock, take your right leg and slide it between his arms from the bottom.
Take your right hand and put it behind his head to help raise it. He will cooperate in coming off the ground because he’s defending against the armlock.
As he comes off the ground, slide your right leg around his head/neck, and shift your hips to the right. Then fold your left leg over your right ankle, and apply the triangle choke.+

Switch to s-mount, armlock on other arm:
Opponent clasps his hands and hips out to his left to try to extract his elbow and touch it to the ground.
Post your left hand behind you and remove your left leg from your opponent’s face.
Keeping your weight centered on your opponent's upper torso, slide your hip across your opponent’s chest. You will come into a sort of s-mount with your bent right knee off the ground above your opponent’s left ear, with your right inner thigh propping his left arm up. Your right foot is flat on the ground just past his head.
Now continue coming up, rising onto the ball of your right foot and touching your right knee to the ground by his left ear. Control his left arm.
Now sit back, put your right leg over his face and armlock the left arm from his left.

Comments? Please feel free to point out mistakes, describe tips on the techniques, suggest ways to make the descriptions clearer, etc.
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