Wednesday, August 10, 2005

BJJ Move #50: Americana from Scarf Hold

Here's a fun submission from the scarf hold-- an Americana using your leg.

WARNING! These techniques could result in serious injury or death if practiced incorrectly or even if performed correctly. They should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Americana from Scarf Hold:

You have your opponent in a scarf hold (a/k/a kesa gatame) on his right side.
If his right arm is wide open for the taking, use your left hand to pin his wrist to the ground.
Your right arm continues to control his head.
His right arm is bent at ninety degrees; shift your body position so that you are leaning onto your right side.
Slide your right knee under his right arm (you may have to allow his arm off the ground for a moment to get your leg under it).
Put your right inner thigh against his upper arm.
Now bring your lower leg up and over the top of his forearm.
Figure four your left knee over your right ankle.
Pull up on his head so he can’t bridge to escape. Thrust your hips forward to finish.
This submission feels exactly like an Americana on the shoulder and elbow.

Comments? Please feel free to point out mistakes, describe tips on the techniques, suggest ways to make the descriptions clearer, etc.
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