Friday, August 19, 2005

BJJ Move #56: Some Papercutter Chokes

These chokes are all variations on a theme-- your opponent is wearing a gi or some other kind of shirt, you are face-to-face on the ground with an advantageous position (usually mount or guard), and you strangle him with the fabric of his collar or lapels.

WARNING! These techniques could result in serious injury or death if practiced incorrectly or even if performed correctly. They should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Some Papercutter Chokes:

There are three grip variations on the papercutter choke, which is done face-to-face with your opponent (e.g., mounted or guard):
1) Nami Juji Jime: Both your palms face away from you (thumb down and inside his gi) in opposite collars (your right hand grabs his right lapel, your left hand grabs his left lapel, so your hands cross).
2) Kata Juji Jie: One palm faces you, one faces away in opposite collars; otherwise like above. The palm of the hand crossing over the top of the other hand is the one that faces you.
3) Gyaku Juji Jime: Both palms face you (thumb faces up and is outside gi) in opposite collars; this is strongest grip. Finish the same way.
Apply the strangle by bending your arms at the elbows and pulling your arms apart, pushing your hands past each other. This pulls his gi collar tight around his throat.
Tip: First, grab his right lapel, thumb up, with your left hand. Use that to feed the lapel to your right. Then, grab the right lapel above your right hand with your left, and wrap your left arm around the back of his head so you’ve got the choke. This is sneakier, and so, easier, than trying to grab the second lapel with one hand.
Tip: Alternately, loosen his gi collar over his right shoulder so you can attach both hands up there. If he tries to hold you off, go to the standard armlock.
Tip: If applying the papercutter from the mount position, place your forehead on the ground above his head to increase the leverage.
Vale tudo tip: Street clothing is often strong enough to use for collar chokes.

Here's a detailed description of this choke from the mount:
From the mount, pull your opponent’s right collar open with your left hand and reach inside his right collar with your right hand, palm up. Slide your right hand in toward his neck as deep as possible; you would ideally like to touch your knuckles to the ground inside his gi.
Now reach across with your left hand, palm down and thumb inside to his left collar. Lean forward and place your forehead to the ground, giving you a better base. Apply the strangle by drawing your elbows up and back, which pulls your hands across his throat, tightening the collar around his neck.

Comments? Please feel free to point out mistakes, describe tips on the techniques, suggest ways to make the descriptions clearer, etc.
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