Thursday, August 18, 2005

BJJ Move #55: Sleeve Choke, Fist Choke

Here are two similar ways to choke someone out from the mount.

WARNING! These techniques could result in serious injury or death if practiced incorrectly or even if performed correctly. They should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Sleeve Choke and Fist Choke:

Sleeve Choke (gi):
You have the mount position, and you are wearing a gi or other shirt with long sleeves.
Put your right arm around the back of your opponent's head.
With your right hand, palm down, grab the cuff of the sleeve of your left arm.
Sneak your left hand across his throat.
With your left hand, palm up, grab your right sleeve.
Now tighten your grip; pivot your forearms so the bony edges face his neck and throat instead of the soft sides, reducing the space between. Do this by turning your wrists from their current positions—right palm facing down, left palm facing up--to right palm facing up, left palm facing down.
If you can’t sneak your left hand in, use your left fist to do a fist choke (below).

Fist Choke:
First, get head control: put your left arm around your opponent’s head and lean your shoulder onto his neck, turning his head to his left.
Base out to the top-right with your right hand, where your weight should be leaning.
Now hook your head next to his left ear and use it to turn his face to his right.
Do the rest of the move quickly, because you’re now vulnerable to a reversal.
Open your left hand. Make a fist w/your right hand and bring your right forearm in against the front of his throat from a 45-degree angle from the top (halfway angle between his head and shoulder) and feed it in until your fist is against his left carotid artery.
Grab your own right biceps with your left hand.
Squeeze for a choke.

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