Tuesday, August 09, 2005

BJJ Move #49: Scarf Hold (a/k/a Kesa Gatame)

This isn't the greatest position, because there are a number of effective escapes, and an opponent who escapes can take your back or get other advantageous positions.
Still, it can be a hold-down against someone inexperienced, you may want to use it when someone's starting to squirm out of cross side, and you may just end up with it by chance. In any case, you need to know it to know how to get out of it.

WARNING! These techniques could result in serious injury or death if practiced incorrectly or even if performed correctly. They should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Scarf Hold (a/k/a Kesa Gatame):

Your opponent is lying on his back. Sitting to his right, you lay his right arm across your lap. Your right arm goes around his head, from front to back around the left side of his head. Your left arm goes over his right arm, pinning it to your body or into your armpit, and clasps your right hand. Your butt is up near his ribs on his right side. Your ribcage rests against his, with your arms pulling his neck forward, to make the pressure uncomfortable.
Your legs are slightly bent, and you want your feet to be not too close to his (or he’ll escape), and you don’t want to be sitting up too straight (or he’ll roll you over backwards). You don’t want to be too hunched over toward your feet, either, or he’ll get to his knees and take your back.
All that said, you can control someone from this position and do some submissions. It’s also a good position to use when someone’s scooting out of cross side.

Comments? Please feel free to point out mistakes, describe tips on the techniques, suggest ways to make the descriptions clearer, etc.
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