Thursday, July 14, 2005

Across the Bay Slams Cole on London Terrorists

Check out Across the Bay's recent blog posts slamming Prof. Juan Cole's recent stupid comments on the London terrorists.
This guy really knows his stuff, he's smart, and he doesn't have a weird ideological axe to grind.
I know I've already got him on my blogroll-- but here's another plug:
If you want to understand what's going on in the world-- understand, not just have some crib sheet to repeat in conversations-- this guy's blog should be a major part of your education.


Jack Roy said...

Maybe not "weird," but it's hard to conclude that Tony doesn't have an ideological axe to grind. I never stop being astounded at how much he hates Juan Cole, or how often he'll invoke that hatred. He may be very well learned, but his insistent tone always leaves me thinking he's less than credible.

The Litvak said...

...of course, it helps me believe him in the London bombings context that he turned out to be correct, and Cole incorrect.

Jack Roy said...

I never saw Tony's prediction that they were home grown, but only Juan Cole's error. It seems to me at best an interesting point not obviously explainable that Prof. Cole says they used a dialect unlikely to be used by British citizens, and at worst evidence that Prof. Cole shouldn't try out for the crim psych profiling team. I never understood why he was so outraged by the speculation that they were homegrown, either---did you ever figure out what the harm would be if they were British, as they are now known to be?