Monday, July 11, 2005

BJJ Move #28: Arm In Guillotine (several variations)

Here is a standard, go-to submission that can be done standing or on the ground.
It's called an "arm in" guillotine because one of your opponent's arms is inside your arms, pressing against his own throat.

WARNING! These techniques could result in serious injury or death if practiced incorrectly or even if performed correctly. They should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Arm In Guillotine (several variations):

Standing Variations: (I'll describe ground setups in a later post)

1) Front Headlock to Arm-in Guillotine:

Setup 1: Secure a front headlock (here, with your right arm around his head, trapping his right arm into your armpit—his head and arm have to be on the same side of your body).
Setup 2: Your opponent hooks your left leg with his right arm, trying to take you down.
Trap his head into your right armpit with your right arm.
Trap his right arm with your left arm, hooking your right wrist with your left hand to secure a front headlock.
Kick your left leg back to release his grip.
Post your left leg, then drive your right knee in behind his right triceps to clear it out of the way to your right and block it.

Step 2: Now switch your grip so your left hand hooks and pulls up on your right wrist; make sure you pull your right arm all the way across, tightly trapping opponent's head and arm together; your right side/ribs are going to be tight against the back of your opponent’s right arm

Step 3:
Post on your left leg and sit through with your right leg, clearing his left arm with your right knee as you slide your right shin across his waist; fall to your right side, not flat on your back. Throw your left leg over his back so he can’t escape. Or:
Drop to guard and slide your feet, clasped together, out to the right (to the top of his left hip).

Step 4: Bring your right forearm from under him to the side, around to the exposed part of his throat (on his left carotid artery, opposite where his upper arm is pressed against his own throat—on his right carotid artery) and lean back, applying the guillotine choke by pulling your right forearm across his neck, pressing his own right arm against his neck on the other side with your body, and pushing his head down with your right biceps.

2) Front Headlock to Flying Arm-in Guillotine:

From a front headlock (controlling his right arm), tighten the grip by pulling your right hand toward your opponent’s trapped right armpit.
Bring your hands up toward your sternum.
Place your left leg up on his back and jump up lightly, locking your legs around his back. He'll bend at the waist, but may not lose his balance and fall forward.
Arch your back, squeeze tightly and keep your head bent down close to your opponent’s head.
You can finish with your opponent standing or on the ground. This move often feels more like a neck crank than a strangle.

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