Monday, July 25, 2005

Rich: Roberts Nomination Smokescreen for Rove

Check out Frank Rich's Op-Ed piece from yesterday.

Or, in a nutshell:
Bush nominated squeaky-clean, uncontroversial John Roberts to the Supreme Court instead of his buddy, Gonzales, because Gonzales headed the Justice Department and gave the administration a 12 hour gap during which it could destroy evidence that Karl Rove had leaked the identity of a CIA agent in order to take revenge aganst her husband, who'd written an op-ed piece revealing that the intelligence on Iraq trying to buy fissible materials for WMD's that Bush used to justify invading was phony.

Which'd've turned the confirmation hearings into a forum where people who aren't already obsessed with these dirty tricks would be.

Want it with more periods in the middle? Read the excellent column.

Honestly, the whole thing makes me pretty angry, and I prefer to retreat into a dream world, where Serpentor is Chief Justice:

D.C. Circuit Judge Serpentor Nominated To Court Vacancy
Strong Supporter of Second Amendment, World Conquest

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Jack Roy said...

Dude, everyone knows Serpentor's been unconfirmable since he penned the Harv. L. Rev. Supreme Court Foreward in defense of penumbras. Plus his analysis of absention doctrine is wooden and unworkable in the lower courts.

Chief Justice Serpentor---you, sir, obviously hate America. Er, Serpamerica.