Thursday, July 21, 2005

BJJ Move #36: Bodylock Takedown and Outside Trip

Here are two good takedowns from a double underhook clinch.

WARNING! These techniques could result in serious injury or death if practiced incorrectly or even if performed correctly. They should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Bodylock Takedown and Inside Trip:

Bodylock takedown / Minor Outside Hook (ko soto gake):
You start with an over-under tieup (underhook with left arm).
Turn your right shoulder back and swim your right hand underneath his left arm from the top/front of his elbow to get a double underhook.
The next few steps must be done simultaneously: As soon as your hand is close to getting the second underhook, do a “scissor step” (or “split squat”), lowering your weight by moving your forward (here, right) foot forward and left foot back, feet sliding or even leaving the ground. Getting low is important, because you have to clasp your hands behind his lower back, not his ribcage (which won’t bend when you squeeze).
Clasp your left hand to your right wrist behind the small of his back, pulling your right “thumb knuckle” into his lower back.
Put your (right, same shoulder as forward foot) shoulder into his sternum and press your right ear to his chest, or (if there’s room) press your forehead to his sternum. Pressure against his sternum is uncomfortable, and, combined with good pressure against his lower back should help you bend him over backwards.
Pull in strongly against his lower back, push forward with your shoulder or forehead against his chest, and hook your right foot around the outside of his left knee, taking him over his back.

Outside Trip Variation (ko soto gaki):
From double underhooks, lock your hands tight behind your opponent’s back.
Pull his hips in tight to your hips as you step around to his right side (his right hip should be tight against your waist). At this point there is some danger he will grab you around the head and throw you, so keep your hips low and tight against his hips.
Step around with your left leg and hook it around the back and inside of his right lower leg. Your left leg pulls his right foot off the mat in the direction of his right side (but it’s not a sweep—you’re just lifting it off as you control his hips).
Sag your hips into him as your arms pull his lower back in and down. You will collapse him over his left side and you can drop him and remain standing.

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