Friday, July 29, 2005

BJJ Move #42: Achilles Anklelock

This move can be used from a variety of positions, but it's easiest when you're in someone's guard and have broken the legs apart, or when you have just taken someone down with a double-leg, single-leg, or ankle pick.
Be careful when applying leg submissions-- the hyperextension happens suddenly and can really hurt someone's joints badly. Tap early, submit slowly.

WARNING! These techniques could result in serious injury or death if practiced incorrectly or even if performed correctly. They should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Achilles Anklelock:

When your break your opponent’s guard, lay back onto your back while you grasp his left leg with your right arm (overhooked, into your armpit).
Wrap your right arm around his left ankle, grabbing as close to his heel as possible.
Your forearm comes right under his Achilles tendon, your right fist is next to your sternum.
After you wrap your hand around his leg, put your left hand on his shin and grab the top of your left wrist with your right palm (t-stack).
1) Stand up straight with your hips forward and your chest out and finish.
2) Or, to finish from the ground, sit down and throw your right leg over his left leg, turning his hip over and bending his knee, so he can’t kick you or escape. Make sure your heel faces to the outside or he will be able to get you into a lock. Keep your right foot on the ground, arch your back and push your hips forward to hyperextend his ankle. To achieve proper leverage you have to have your forearm very close to his heel, where his tendon is tender, not in the middle of his calf; and his toes (not his ankle) against your armpit. You may want to use your left foot to push his right thigh into him, which will make it hard for him to roll out over his right side.
3) As above, but figure four your feet, bending your left knee-crook over your right shin (right leg wrapped, bent, over his entangled left leg).
4) Instead of wrapping your right leg around his left, pin his leg between your knees (squeezing hard—the less secure leg position means you need to squeeze tight with your knees), and instead of hipping out to the right, turn to the right (onto your right thigh and hip). Put your right foot against his left hip (toes pointing to outside) to stop him from rolling to his left, and keep your left leg between his legs and your left foot hooked around the back of his left thigh. As you turn left, arch your back.
When finishing, glue your elbow to your ribs, “puff” out your chest and arch your back, and bring your fist to your sternum.

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