Thursday, July 14, 2005

BJJ Move #31: Armlock from Mount

This is the same technique as the armlock from the guard, but the setup is completely different.

WARNING! These techniques could result in serious injury or death if practiced incorrectly or even if performed correctly. They should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Armlock (Jiu-Ji / Ude Higishi Juji Gatame) (from the mount):

1) Armlock (Jiu-Ji / Ude Higishi Juji Gatame) (from the mount):
The armlock can be done anytime your opponent’s arm is between your arms. Many times your opponent will try to push you off, or block a punch by putting his arms up. This is a great time to go for this submission.
When your opponent puts his right arm up, you put your left arm around the outside of his right arm, and place your left hand on his chest; put your right arm on the inside of his right arm, and place your right hand next to your left. Now he’s pushing his hand against your chest, his elbow facing your torso, and your arms are on either side of his, hands braced on his chest.
Put all of your weight on your two hands. With all of your weight on your two hands, come off the ground onto your toes. Pivot clockwise so your hips now face his right ear and your legs are across his head (left leg) and chest (right leg).
Then drop your left leg across his neck, and put your right leg across his chest. Keep your left leg folded across his neck to keep him pinned. Keep your knees very tight together around his right arm, to help prevent your opponent from shrinking his arm. Don’t cross your feet—that’ll make your legs light.
Wrap your arms around his right arm, which is now trapped between your legs. Make sure his thumb is pointing up (toward the sky), so his elbow joint is facing your hips.
Holding onto the arm, put your back to the floor, along with your head. Make sure to put your head on the ground. This will help put the pressure on his arm, because it is more than likely your opponent is going to try to resist this.
When you are lying on the floor, raise your hips to the ceiling, squeeze your legs together, and pull back on his wrist to extend the armlock.
Tip: Keep your left foot flat on the ground beside his head, instead of raising your feet or crossing them. This way, your weight is more on top of him, and he can’t lift your legs to collapse you and escape. Do not straighten your legs.
Tip: If you’re fighting for the armlock and you’re up on top, base out with your left hand (trying to lock his right arm) so he can’t roll you over that way onto your back, stack you, and escape. Likewise, don’t lean your head/body towards his feet when fighting with his hand or he’ll try to kick you or wrap his legs around your head, and your legs will be light. With your legs heavy, he can’t move his hips to do that kind of thing.

2) Armlock (Jiu-Ji / Ude Higishi Juji Gatame) (from the mount) – Alternate Entry:
To attack your opponent’s right arm, hook that arm with your own right arm (grab it to your chest).
Slide your left knee up to block beneath his right shoulder. Place your right heel in your opponent’s left armpit.
Post your left hand for base by his right ear and swing your left leg over his head.
When you sit, make sure your butt is close to his right shoulder or you will miss the elbow joint.
Squeeze your knees together, make sure his thumb points towards the ceiling, and thrust your hips upwards to finish.

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