Monday, July 18, 2005

BJJ Move #33: Knee on Belly Position

Here's a position that wears your opponent out quickly and controls him, holds him in a vulnerable position, and gives you the ability to see your surroundings and stand up and back away quickly. It is straightforward to pop up to knee on belly from cross side, and also to get it when passing an open guard while standing.

WARNING! These techniques could result in serious injury or death if practiced incorrectly or even if performed correctly. They should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Knee on Belly Position:

· Your opponent is on his back. You are on his right side with your right knee on his stomach. Your right foot hooks against the outside of his waist on the right to keep your leg from sliding across his body. Your left foot is braced out to the side, to his right, and your left leg is straight. You are straight or only slightly bent at the hip or waist-- you want as much of your body weight directly over your knee as possible. With your left hand, pull up on the back of your opponent's head from the near side (coming under his right ear to the back of his head) to keep him from bridging or squirming away.
· To achieve proper knee on belly stance: Stand on your knees, then put one leg to the side – NOT one leg forward, one backward. The knee on his belly should be under your hip so your weight is over it – NOT in front of your hip with your heel close to your butt. CLS 2/25/04; also TAT 170-71.
· Don’t let the foot of your knee that’s on his belly go on the ground—that’ll take all your weight off his belly. Use that foot only as a “monkey foot” (a hook) to keep from sliding forward.
· You can put your knee across his waist if you’re interested in sliding across into the mount, but for control and pain, point it up toward his sternum and rest your knee in his solar plexus. CLS Spring 05 (Jason)
· Knee on belly drill: From cross side, plant your hands flat on the ground, pop up to knee on belly; from knee on belly with that hand on his opposite shoulder to keep him from rolling toward you, punch his face, then put both hands on his shoulders and hop across to knee on belly on other side.

Punching from knee on belly:
From the “knee on belly” on his right.
With your right hand, hold his far (left) shoulder down and punch him in the face with your left hand.

Fake Low pass to knee on belly:
From standing in your opponent’s open guard, grab his right leg (or pants) at the knee with your left hand and push it to the side and low, near the ground.
Hold his left knee with your right hand, pushing it down onto his right foot (but his knee is pointing up). Pushing down keeps it from moving around. He now thinks you’re going to move over to his right side over his lowered right leg.
Shoot in on the left side (to your right), going to the knee on belly. Your left knee will go on his belly.

Standing in Open Guard Pass - Throw Legs to Side, Knee on Belly:
From standing in your opponent's open guard, if he has no good grip on you, you are safe standing up.
Stomp your right foot between his feet to get him to draw his feet back, grab his ankles, and push them further in towards his body.
When he pushes back, throw them to your right and go to knee on belly by going to his right side and putting your right knee on his belly, left foot out to the side.

“Bullfighting” Transition to Knee on Belly:
This is more a drill than a move. Your opponent is on his back facing you, and your right foot is between his legs.
Cup both his knees in your hands.
Quickly swing your right leg back, around to the outside of his right leg and back in towards his body past his right foot.
Put your right knee on his belly and step with your left foot around to his right side to take the knee on belly position.
From here you can slide your right shin over his stomach to take the count.

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