Thursday, July 28, 2005

Home Game #2 Recap

Last night was Big Game of Brooklyn Rooftop Poker #2.
Inside, around my very casino-like kitchen table, due to rain and manageably low turnout.

Present for more falafel from Zaytoons, oreos and Brooklyn Lager were Iron Maiden (sorry, rhymes with your name), Evenstar, and Old Testament (a/k/a Jack Roy), all law school friends, and Super-Chip, a friend from undergrad.
Cardinator, a high school friend who's now a lawyer, and Loanshark (again, rhymes), a friend from law school, both called to apologize for missing the game due to work commitments.
And Tenda-Foot was too exhausted from the heat wave to make it out to the BK.

The survivors sat down to plat super-low-limit Texas Hold 'Em at a very novice level.

We played half the game counterclockwise, for some reason, and had just one blind because we were short-handed.
Super-Chip, Iron Maiden, and Evenstar showed incredibly steep learning curves, improving their games dramatically since last week-- folding with self-discipline and raising with some guts.
Iron Maiden even put on a poker face after I unwisely teased her for talking about her hand. Board was something like AT3 of hearts, J and a 6, and I said "Someone could have a flush, or a straight." Iron Maiden perked up and asked "A straight? How?" ... luckily no one paid attention and she took the pot with her flush.
I played way too loose, limping in with the worst hands ever and folding, folding, folding.
Old Testament did quite well and had hot cards to boot.
After the others left, OT and I played heads-up, which went slowly because he's so bad at shuffling. Unfortunately, for me, he played better than I did and had decent cards, so he probably took a dollar or two off my chips.
Super low stakes meant no one went home poor, and I think everyone had a good time.
Maybe next time I'll take pictures of some of my hands, and actually keep a journal for edutainment value.
Stay tuned to this blog for more minutiae of my life.

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