Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Aliens v. Scientists' Self-Respect . . . Whoever Wins, We Lose

More science fact from National Geographic-- aliens are real.

Take Me To Your Leader
Actual Scientifical Aliens (photo from space robot or something)

Blue Moon . . . . has a 240-hour day and orbits a huge planet in a solar system with two suns. With an atmosphere three times denser than Earth's, the Blue Moon has giant whales gliding through its sky.
* * *
It is virtually a statistical certainty that . . . . alien life . . . is . . . . as common as bugs.

...and that's a quote, sort of.

Another goofy bit:
As for the plants and creatures on those planets, Darwinian evolution would probably rule alien life, the scientists concluded. "Otherwise life is too vulnerable," [one of the scientists] said.
"You need some variation to adapt, and the moment you have adaptation, you will have selection. That's how nature builds things," he added.

Life's too vulnerable without evolution, huh? Wow, I hope we don't lose its protection here on Earth, or, er, what the f--- does that even mean, "[o]therwise life is too vulnerable"?
Good thing he explains that "[t]hat's how nature builds things."

More gems:
"Evidence from evolutionary convergence strongly suggests that, although extraterrestrial [regions that support life] will look alien, deep down they will be quite similar to those on Earth," said Morris [a now laughingstock at Cambridge], who also appears in the TV special.

Evidence from evolutionary convergence, huh?
Which, uh, evidence is that?
Evidence from other species on Earth, right?
And, of course, the opposite is true-- if there's evolutionary convergence, the aliens would probably "deep down" be quite different (say, at the cellular level), but their obvious characteristics (wings, eyes, limbs, tentacles) would look similar to those of Earth critters.

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