Monday, May 23, 2005

Jack Roy is Tamerlane's Lovechild

It is a dark day in our great nation when poison words such as these masquerade as blogging.
They attack me, they attack the institution of The Litvak Chronicles, and they attack the sensiblities and values on which our forebears (and those of less recent immigrants) growed America.

Blog used to stand for something. It used to stand as a hip abbreviation for the phrase "web log." If Jack Roy had his way, there would be a tax on every diary entry, and, it would seem, an end to the very Internet that binds us together.

What does "Jack Roy"--who blogs anonymously (and I do not say this lightly) because he is either a paid political hack or a convicted child molester--say in response to my allegation that Litotical Construct is permeated with vegetarian agitprop?


Instead, he goes on until the cows come home defending the lack of pictures on his blog. And I use that bucolic phrase metaphorically. No cows came home, but it certainly felt as if a great deal of time passes when I read his posts. Sometimes, when sullying my eyes on his Sauronic blog, I am torn between despair for America and boredom.

Roy, not content to attack the Chronicles and insult me, insults our Navy and our Department of the Treasury in the same breath when he calls me "queer as a $2 bill."

Is this the kind of person we want teaching our children how to read, caring for the sick, guarding our nuclear power plants against ninjas?
That, dear readers, was a rhetorical question.
And the answer--is "no."

P.S.: Jay Roy is Tamerlane's lovechild.


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Jack Roy said...

Damn skippy!

And look at the majesty evident in my bas relief representation. Oooh! So good!