Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Why Does Eric A. Taub Hate America?

According to the Corrections in today's New York Times,

An article in Business Day yesterday about the specifications of Sony's new game console, PlayStation 3, misstated the title of Lisa Su, an executive of I.B.M., which helped develop its processor. She is a vice president in the systems and technology group, not software technology. The article also misstated the processing power of a rival console, Microsoft's Xbox 360. Its three processors are to be 3.2 gigahertz each, not 3.2 gigabytes.
Step aside, Newsweek retraction scandal!
Ms. Su isn't VP of software! It's systems, you radicals.
Why does Eric A. Taub hate America?
He's putting the lives our software developers, and maybe even American lives, at risk.

Processor speed in measured in gigahertz-- a measure of the number of operations a processor can perform in a second-- not gigabytes-- an amount of memory.

Maybe someone should say something.
Maybe me, cherished readers.
Maybe me.

In other news, the PS3 is going to rock.

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