Thursday, May 12, 2005

Wild Thing . . . I Think I Love You

The New York Times, expanding on its recent trend of sillier and sillier articles (i.e., The Man Date), has a very silly and very cool article about the increasingly popular "Savannah" cat, which is part housecat and part African serval (a kind of wildcat).
I saw one of these (a kitten) back in 2001 in San Francisco walking on a leash.
It jumped up onto a tree--about five or six foot vertical--then scrambled down the trunk.
About thirty times in a few minutes.
These animals are awesome.

The article notes that:
New York City banned ownership of any wild or part-wild animals long ago.

Why aspire to fantastic achievement when I can't have an awesome wildcat as a pet?
Or commute in an iron sledge drawn by a team of bears?


Anonymous said...

That is a totally irresponsible aspiration.

Bears are a wholly unsuitable method for pulling any sort of conveyance, let alone a sledge.

You really wanna get a team of jackals or wolverines for that thing.

Anonymous said...

One of these lives around the corner from me in the village. thanks so much for solving an ever present question in my mind as to just what exactly it is.