Friday, May 13, 2005

God Save Thee, Mister Rubin

Mixing it up a little, I'll dip a toe into political ranting.
Solid opinion piece in today's NYT from Bob Rubin, Treasury Secretary under Clinton.
Remember when you knew the names of most of the President's cabinet?
When the cabinet members were mostly impressive and independent-minded?
Comparing Rubin to John Snow, former railroad executive and current Treasury Sec'y, makes me want to hoard the old bills with Rubin's signature like Johnnie Reb ("The Dems will rise agin'").
I like the old bills' modest little president portraits and their sober green color-- instead of the mess of gold "20"s making the double sawbuck look like a connect-the-numbers drawing.

And I like that Rubin's piece says, basically, that we can only spend what we can afford. He mentions real numbers. He understands global capital markets.
That these things make me nostalgic for Bubba is awfully sad.

Somebody send me one of those lighthearted Jen 8. Lee pieces, before I read the real news...

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