Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Blogging on blogging on blogging - and Arnold

David Greenberg had a sort of interesting piece in the NYT Week in Review on blogging.
According to Greenberg:

The best bloggers develop hobbyhorses, shticks and catchphrases that they put into wider circulation. Creating your own idiosyncratic set of villains to skewer and theories to promote - while keeping readers interested - requires as much talent as sculpting a magazine feature or a taut op-ed piece.

Well, I have SHPOSes to blog about.

Maybe I could add clever bon mots, like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Oh, I remember a great one from Commando (also starring Rae Dawn Chong, of Tales from the Darkside, uh, fame)-- a movie written entirely around puns Arnold made while killing people.

After offing hundreds of henchmen, Arnold is knife-fighting with the villain.

Now, I want to step out of the narrative here to wonder aloud:
(1) Why is the main villain always the (second-to-) last guy alive?
(2) Why does he always end up in a face-to-face struggle with the protagonist?
(3) How often do two people both have knives (and neither has a gun) and decide to fight each other?
Well, thank the Cosmos it happens, because this scene is great.

Anyway, Arnold is knife fighting the villain-- a former commando colleague of his named Bennett who wears a chainmail vest and a rakish moustache.
Finally, Arnold decides on a pun to go with his adversary's demise.
He tears a steampipe off the wall and IMPALES his enemy.
A jet of steam is rushing out of the end of the pipe that isn't lodged in Bennet's viscera.
Then, the bon mot: "Let off some steam, Bennett."

With a dry cool wit like that, he could be an action hero.
Or governor.

Now, to think of one of my own...

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