Sunday, May 15, 2005

Every rose has its thorn

So, my roommate signed up for a new bank account, and now he's getting all kinds of crazy junk mail.
He usually gets home from work before me, and I think he assumed the gay underwear catalog (with his name on it) was for me.
Why, I don't know.
But when I was hanging out with my sister this afternoon, she pointed out one of the more upsetting and funny items I can link to without making my readers vomit onto their keyboards.
Click on it!
Maybe, sit down, bite down on a belt or something, put on some sunglasses, say the Lord's Prayer, then click.
There's a reason I didn't post a picture.
Yes, it is a red silk male thong that rolls up to resemble a rose and fits onto a plastic stem.
Dad is definitely getting this for Father's Day.
I have to believe this catalog is as embarrassing to most gay men as the obsession with the Hilton sisters is to the rest of us.

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