Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Kvetch #1: Delivery

Should I start my blog with a complaint? Yes! Isn't "blog" Latvian for "kvetch"?
Wanted to order some grown-up furniture for my apartment (I'm using the dresser that held my baby clothes) and found a nice chest of drawers with a matching nightstand online. For me, this is a big deal-- my relationship to shopping makes Thorstein Veblen look like Paris Hilton. But, like other people with jobs, I'm not at home during the week when FedEx delivers, and I don't live in a doorman building.
So, I call the company:
Litvak: "Can you arrange for Saturday delivery?"
Well-Meaning Heartland Phone Operator: "Dunno. The shipping company we use decides the method of delivery."
Litvak: "Can I specifically request Saturday delivery and pay more?"
WMHPO: "No."
Litvak: "Can I talk to someone who knows what method of shipping will be used?"
WMHPO: "Impossible."
...and so on. I remain polite. I don't even talk down. Or use the Force to crush his larynx.
Can you sense that I'm a soul in pain? Pity me.

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