Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I realize I'm using one precious piece of slang that's not entirely well-known: the wonderful, the amazing "SHPOS."
I don't want to confuse my many reader. Readers, that is. The, uh, many of them.
Clever orthographers may deduce that this is a really emphatic Yiddish word.
No, no, no. A SHPOS may be the opposite of a mensch, but it's all English.
It's an acronym for "Subhuman Piece of S---."
I believe it was a popular phrase among U.S. physicians in the 1980's.
And, along with other slang like creepy, barf, hump, and bummer, I intend to help this word reclaim its rightful place in the lexicon by calling many, many SHPOSes SHPOSes.

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