Thursday, May 26, 2005

Nemo-like Genius: Must Read

Wired has a crazy article about a badass mad scientist with an even more badass name:
John Piña Craven.Craven
Craven worked as a U.S. military scientist developing some deep sea technology or something.

His idea (already working, it seems, on Skull Island, or somewhere in the Pacific) is for warm islands near deep sea shelves.
· You pump up the very cold seawater from deep ocean;
· The cold water, going through pipes, provides air conditioning;
· The cold water, going through pipes underground, cools the pipes and provides irrigation for crops around them from the "sweat" condensing on the pipes;
· The water, going through pipes in "seatowers" of little radiator-like pipes, provides much more freshwater "sweat" for drinking;
· The cold water, along with warmer surface water, is somehow used to create steam that drives electricity-producing turbines and is then condensed back into drinking water; and
· By turning the cold off and on under crops' roots, they can be made to yield fruit 4 times a year.


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