Friday, May 27, 2005

BJJ Move #3: Up-and-Over Sweep from Guard to Mount

In the last BJJ Move post I described the guillotine choke, a submission from the "closed guard" position. I mentioned in describing the closed guard that you want to keep your opponent close to you to stay safe from punches and passing. Also, you generally don't want to be on your back.

If he sits up in your guard and forgets to hold your body away, you can the following move to reverse so that you'll be on top in the "mount" position.

WARNING! These techniques could result in serious injury or death if practiced incorrectly or even if performed correctly. They should only be practiced with the supervision of an experienced instructor.

“Up and Over” Reversal to Mount (a/k/a “hip heist”):

You have your opponent in your guard.

You can do this move when your opponent sits up in your guard without using a hand to keep you from sitting up.
Or, if he’s holding you down at your shoulders / chest / armpits, you can raise your hands back past your head and twist your shoulders in each direction, then sit up quickly to free yourself from his hands. Fake one direction by moving both arms that way, then circle them in the other direction so his hands lose purchase and go for the reversal.

Unclasp your feet, sit up quickly and throw your right arm to your left past his right shoulder while planting your feet on the floor (the reach is like a punch to the face, but going past his face to his right).
Base out behind you with your left hand, straightening that arm to give you forward leverage and momentum. Once your right hand comes over his right shoulder, grab his right elbow (to keep him from planting his right arm out behind him as a base).
Scoot back a little, and, with your feet planted on the ground, press your hips forward and sit up, pushing him over and to the left onto his back, taking the mount (you may also kick your right leg out for momentum).
Your hips need to be higher than his when you press them forward. You will turn counter-clockwise and move forward and turn him over to the left. Turn your head to your left and try to look behind you.
If he bends back forward to stop you from sitting up, you can use your right arm to get a guillotine choke on him with your thrown-over right arm. This is also a good way to go for the Kimura shoulderlock (I haven't described that move yet).

Now you're in the "mount" position. Stayed tuned for a description.


Doodles said...

I'll see your up-and-over-sweep and raise you a .22 caliber rifle for "serious injury or death." Boo-yeah, pair o' twos.

Jack Roy said...

Uh, Litvak? Doodles is scaring me....