Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Space Laser Bad for Mankind?

Oh, NYT op-ed page, what will I do when they start to charge for access?

In this post, I described how cool the Air Force's planned space weapons would be.

Even the NYT op-ed piece fills me with horrible, I'm-going-to-Hell thoughts of "Ooooooh." Viz.:

A proposed global strike space plane would carry munitions halfway around the world in 45 minutes. The "Rods From God" program would hurl dense metal rods at targets on the ground with the force of a small nuclear weapon. Other programs would use laser beams or radio waves to disable targets.

Of course, the NYT is totally right to shatter my dream of robots using space lasers to vaporize tourists who walk too slowly in front of me in Times Square.

$100 billion and we still can't knock a ballistic missile out of the air, let alone a guided missile.

Maybe the Air Force can work on realizing my other antisocial fantasies, like letting me control lightning. Your thoughts, General?

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