Friday, May 20, 2005


The great feuds of history: How did they begin?
Typically, each side justifies its own actions-- whose real motivations are fear, pride, or greed-- with some myth of injustice:

Greeks say the Trojans stole Helen; The Game complains that 50 Cent cast aspersions on his purported body count; the Hatfields done snipped off Bubba's rat-tail, &c.

That's not gonna happen here.

I've got BEEF with my good friend, I mean, arch enemy "Jack Roy," author of the blog Litotical Construct.

That's right, and I'm putting it down here in the indelible... scratch that, delible-with-moderate-effort medium of the electronic aether of the Internet the one and only The Litvak Chronicles.

And here's why, loyal readers:

First, the poor formatting and sad lack of pictures reflect the addled and iron-deprived brain of a vegetarian.

Second, consider that "Litotical," while it may be a word (I'm not sure), is used less than "irregardless," which is not.

Third, L.C. has made numerous references to the recent debate over the filibuster in the Senate, yet declined to make even one sexually suggestive play on the word "filibuster."

Ergo beef.


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