Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Health Is More Riches than Gold

Man, I like Thos. Friedman.
And I admit it's hard to come up with something worthwhile to opine on that frequently.
But yesterday's column (in brief, recent attacks in Arab countries by fanatic jihadist suicide bombers are just "the Arab-Muslim world . . . reaping something it sowed" and "[t]he bad guys won't win, but neither will the good guys, and all we will have produced is a bloody stalemate") left me cold.
I hate it when I get a fortune cookie that gives advice ("A health is more riches than gold.") instead of a prediction of my future ("Death imminent. Lucky numbers 3, 7, 17.")-- and I hate op-ed pieces that describe the world ("The Middle East is f----ed up ... so, uh, now you know.") instead of telling us what we oughta do ("Let's build nuclear power plants and pretend the whole region doesn't exist, like we do with Africa.").

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