Tuesday, May 31, 2005

And I'll Form . . . The Head!

This--the recent rejection of the proposed European constitution by French voters in a recent referendum-- is probably the most important story in the news, uh, in recent weeks.

I've decided to abandon my political ennui and explain why rational and enlightened Europeans may still prize having individual nations.

Others may do it with more expertise, clearer writing, more intelligence-- but only I will employ an analogy to the Transformers.

Unlike, say, the "merge groups" of six Transformers (e.g., the Constructicons), or the Voltron lions, who could hop onto each other to form a stronger super-robot to the advantage of all ("...and I'll form ... the head!"), countries in Europe may not all benefit equally from such a merger.

When the head is French, it may dictate a single monetary policy that starves the quickly growing Eastern, uh, torso of badly needed cheap capital.
Likewise, when parts of the torso start flooding into the head seeking employment, its relaxed and xenophobic inhabitants-- who already have a tough enough time finding jobs-- want control of who's attached to them, dammit.

Unlike the United States, where we don't get all that worked up about Californians moving in to steal all the good jobs in Michigan (we're all basically Constructicons), European countries have, you know, their own thousands of years of history, language differences, unique cultures, vastly different economies, &c (they're no more alike than the various Dinobots, who could not become an even larger Dinobot, and occasionally engage in vicious drag-out wars in which millions are killed).
Beastly stuff.

Wow, that is a good analogy.
And check out Devastator!:


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Whoa! What majesty!!

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